The 2017 Flying season is approaching!


It’s Going To Be The Best Yet!!!



Hi everybody!

As the new season approaches, I can feel the excitement starting to resonate from many of my hang gliding buddies. The Miles in May crew are hard at it getting the logistics sorted out, and it is going to be another great year.

The Willi XC Challenge is filling up quickly and they ordered the most soarable weather of the year for that weekend, so if you havn’t already, register now! This event takes place in Golden B.C. from July 29-Aug 6th and is hosted by Muller Windsports and the Golden E.C.O. Adventure Ranch and Campground in Nicholson.

Saskatchewan will be hosting the 2017 Canadian Nationals for the first time in 17 years. This pay-out winch competition will definitely be one to watch. Pilots will be flying with Air Tribune

Here at Infinity Flight Park, we have been really busy. From new software for scheduling, to new hardware for towing operations, we are looking forward to a season of good weather, great times, and a whole lot of new goals being achieved. Stay tuned as we start to unveil some of our new ideas, equipment, and classes.

Breaking news from Infinity Flight Park and Hang Gliding School

Breaking news…….

Infinity flight park and hang gliding school has been waiting on approval by the county to operate. APPROVAL GRANTED! This has been the one thing that I was waiting on prior to putting out too much information. I will now start updating course schedules and will be putting a map on our website. Our grand opening will be on April 30 and we are planning on having good weather, and flying opportunities for all skill levels, as well as an introduction to how the new school/club dynamics will help to get you flying high, flying often, and flying better!

Keep an eye on things by logging in to our website or following us on Facebook. There will be many updates, and new information that will keep this sport one of the most accessible, and rewarding types of aviation.



"Going Up"

Spring 2016 is ON!

Photogrphy by Chantelle Carr Photography

Cloud base, Here we come!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new Infinity Flight Park and Hanggliding School Blog. Spring has arrived and it is already shaping up to be a great year for students, and seasoned hangglider pilots alike.

If you are not already hooked on this amazing past time, it’s time to put hanggliding on your to do list!

With the sport of hanggliding, there are so many great ways to get to experience the majestic feeling of soaring like a bird. From discovery tandem flights, all the way up to advanced competition on a world scale.

Almost anyone can learn how to fly, and contrary to popular belief, this sport offers the ultimate bond between you and mother nature.

Feel free to check out the website, and also our facebook page for up and coming events and courses being made available this 2016 flying season.

This year we are working very hard to make your flying adventure reach new heights, while creating a club like environment and promoting the heck out of the sport we all love. From Low and Slow courses, to advanced thermaling and XC clinics. If you want improve your hanggliding skills, we will have landing clinics, target practice, and maybe even a mini comp or two.

The objective is to create a place where all hangglider pilots want to be, from first time flyers, to students, to weekenders, to champions, to record holders. A safe place to discover, learn, and experience the true feeling of free flight.




Hope to see you soon!