If you want to get on the path to soaring like an eagle, Here are a few ways to achieve the ultimate feeling of freedom!

  1. Check out the  UofC Novice Hang gliding course, It’s a great way to spend a weekend. Fly some of the smaller hills in Calgary and learn the amazing dynamics of Hang Gliding! (Attend one of these classes and receive 50% off of a Tandem Discovery flight.)
  2. Come and take a Tandem Discovery Flight with us.  Feel the freedom of soaring high in the sky, from there you will learn the basics of how to control a Hang Glider. (Enjoy a Tandem Discovery Hang Gliding Flight and recieve 50% off a UofC Novice Hang gliding course)
  3. Sign up for a Limited Mobility Hang Gliding Course and we will custom design a course to suit your needs. Contact us for details!



(Some conditions apply!)


Tandem Discovery Hang Gliding Flight

  • Show up early, get in and fly beside one of our certified tandem flight instructors. Also take in the breathtaking sights, from the endless Alberta Prairies to the east, to the Majestic Rocky Mountains to the west! There is nothing closer to being an eagle!
  • Enjoy special group rates for 3 or more! Advance bookings only!
  • Check out our Course Schedule for available times!
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