If you want to get on the path to soaring like an eagle, Here are a few ways to achieve the ultimate feeling of freedom!

  1. Check out the  UofC Novice Hang gliding course, It’s a great way to spend a weekend. Fly some of the smaller hills in Calgary and learn the amazing dynamics of Hang Gliding! (Attend one of these classes and receive 50% off of a Tandem Discovery flight.)
  2. Come and take a Tandem Discovery Flight with us.  Feel the freedom of soaring high in the sky, from there you will learn the basics of how to control a Hang Glider. (Enjoy a Tandem Discovery Hang Gliding Flight and recieve 50% off a UofC Novice Hang gliding course)
  3. Sign up for a Limited Mobility Hang Gliding Course and we will custom design a course to suit your needs. Contact us for details!



(Some conditions apply!)