Infinity Hang Gliding School

& Flight Park

General Information

Hang gliding is not just a mountain sport…….  The prairies offer an amazing place to free fly.

Using various towing methods, hang gliders can stay in the air for hours, and fly hundreds of kilometers in one flight. The principal is simple….. sun heats earth, earth heats air, hot air rises in columns (thermals), and we find these thermals and enjoy a free ride to the clouds.

Alberta hang glider pilots are very fortunate because we can fly the endless skies of Alberta and Saskatchewan, then with B.C. as our next door neighbor, we also have that amazing playground as well. It doesn’t get any better.

Learning how to fly hang gliders is really fun, easy, and safe when you sign up with a HPAC certified hang gliding school. For another fun way to give Hang Gliding a try is to sign-up with the U of C outdoor centre in Calgary for a great weekend of adventure.