Q. Where are you located?
A. 15 minutes SouthWest of RedDeer Ab. Click here for a google map.

Q. How do I get started?
A. In Alberta, the 2 easiest ways to get started your training is to sign up with the University of Calgary outdoor program ran in co-ordination with Muller Wind Sports. The second way is to join us for a Tandem Discovery Flight. Either way, the spectacular feeling of true free flight may just get you hooked.

Q. How high can a Hang Glider fly?
A. The sky is the limit. We look for warm air currents(thermals), then the lifting air can take us to the base of the clouds. 12,500 feet is not uncommon. The view is spectacular!

Q. How long can I stay in the air?
A. Your first training hill flights will start being just a few steps long, and getting longer as your skills progress. Eventually flights can last for hours at a time. A tandem discovery flight lasts 10-15 minutes on average.

Q. Where is the hill you fly from?
A. We don’t always need hills to get into the air. With the use of ultralight aircraft and specially built winches, we can get pulled into the air and then let mother nature help us to soar. Some of the best flying is in the prairies. The Canadian distance record is 400 Km and was set in Saskatchewan.

Q. I am scared of heights, so will i enjoy this?
A. This is a tough question to address for everyone, but if you can look out of the window while flying in a commercial aircraft, it is highly likely that you will absolutely love hang gliding.

Q. How long does it take to learn?
A. Individuals learn at different speeds. The amount of time spent practicing is a very strong factor in the progression level. With good instructors and equipment, it is possible to start your training in April and be running off of a 3000 foot mountain top in July.

Q. I can’t run very well, can I still fly?
A. Infinity Hang gliding school has a limited mobility program, designed to help all people enjoy hang gliding. Even if you have no use of your legs, you can learn to fly a glider that is equip’t with specialized landing gear for take off and landing.